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Ulf Enhörning I am an artist, musician and programmer (AMP).

This trilogy of artistic disciplines has been my focus of individual expression in this life. They have helped me stay connected with my soul in a world where exaggerated materialistic values have too often lead us astray.
To sit outside in nature and peacefully paint a scene infront of one's eyes is a joyous meditative experience!

Presently there are 905 paintings on this site. 135 of these are for sale. The paintings are organized in a database which you can filter through by selecting categories and tags to find what you are looking for.

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Art is food for the soul,

Ulf Enhörning

World Peace Sign

One of many programming projects was writing computer code that would elegantly arrange all the world flags into a multi-cultured colourful peace sign.

What better way to say World Peace without using words?!


The peaceful beauty of nature has been a deep source of inspiration for making melodies and finding words to my beautiful songs.

I would often sit all day long in parks playing my guitar to the sound of birds and the warm wind blowing in the trees and feel reconnected to the original Garden of Eden.

Flash animations

I have programmed many innovative flash animations where shapes are animated by varying their position, size, rotation and colour.

Many of the animations feel organic as they simulate natural movements. The sine wave function is especially useful for creating non-linear natural smooth movements.

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